Payback’s a %?$*&!

Recently a clever bunch of Eastern European crooks (probably Russian-mob connected) has figured out a way to hack into the accounts of Europe’s carbon registries and steal millions of Euros that were earmarked to save Planet Earth; or at least stave off the diminishing number of Mercedes and BMWs affecting… Continue reading

Liberty vs Socialism

Ayn Rand is famous for her novels that expose the corruption inherent in, and destructive nature of, socialism.  As one who was born and grew up under the rule of the Soviet Union, no one is better equipped to expose the ugly underbelly of Marxism and it’s logical conclusion:  Communism.… Continue reading

Grinding America Down

This powerful trailer for a video by Curtis Bowers should open your eyes; unless of course you choose to bury your head in the sand.  Unfortunately, that leaves another part of your anatomy exposed.  And rest assured, someone will be standing there to take advantage of that unprotected target. AGENDA:… Continue reading

High Cost of Social Justice

So, a year into Dear Leader’s Reader’s presidential term and we find that the whole “Hopey Changey” ‘thang’ was a bait and switch scheme from the jump.   While it should be no surprise that the most un-American of our Presidents – un-American being defined as having the least amount… Continue reading