Payback’s a %?$*&!

Recently a clever bunch of Eastern European crooks (probably Russian-mob connected) has figured out a way to hack into the accounts of Europe’s carbon registries and steal millions of Euros that were earmarked to save Planet Earth; or at least stave off the diminishing number of Mercedes and BMWs affecting… Continue reading

An Inconvenient Scandal

It looks like the guru of global warming has bumped into a little inconvenient fact:  some scientists who have made millions of dollars from the global warming scam got caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar. Now it looks like the savior of our non-endangered polar bear population… Continue reading

Et tu Barrack? Climate Debt – Copenhagen and US!

Truly surprised this is NOT getting more attention! ‘Beware the Ides or March’, or in this case the Ides of December, when the ‘socialists of the world’ will meet in Copenhagen in hopes to mete out final punishment on free markets, capitalism and the Liberty and freedoms of the American… Continue reading