The Fat Lady just sang

The story goes that inventor, scientist and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin quipped when asked by a woman “What have you given us?” replied “A republic if you can keep it.” Well our republic had a pretty good run. 230 years is not bad as far as republics go. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And we are at the end.

I keep hearing political pundits and Republican members of Congress talking about how we need to reform our election laws so that the American people will have faith in our election system and we can have free and fair elections. All I can say is it no longer matters. A Republican will never occupy The White House again and the GOP will never control Congress-ever.

I say this because the Democrat Party just won the two most important races in our country’s history. They managed to steal the presidential election and an election in Georgia that gave them control of both houses of Congress. There is no need to steal any more elections. So securing our election process is a moot point.

The Biden regime and the Democrat Party are now in the position to legalize and put on a fast track to citizenship 11-20 million illegal aliens who will, no doubt, become Democrat voters. They will move at lightning speed to do that and look for these new Democrat voters to be re-settled in red states where they will quickly turn these states blue. 200,000 new Democrat voters in Florida and Texas will be enough to give the electoral votes to any Democrat running for president and will certainly rid the states of their GOP senators. If this happens in every red state (which, over time, it will) the red states will all become blue and Americans will once again be faced with the same dilemma 13 colonies faced in 1776: taxation without representation.

The Constitution, which has held this nation together for more than two centuries, will be uprooted and will become meaningless. If you have been paying attention you know it has already started. Courts have been ignoring it and judges have been changing it at their whims for decades.

So here we are, wringing our hands and wondering just what the hell happened. There is an easy explanation, Americans have become fat, dumb and lazy. Our educational system has rotted from the inside and we did nothing to stop it so now we are paying the price. American youth has been lured into the false promises of socialism, Marxism and communism. Promises that will never be kept and will only bring misery and death. History has proven that time and time again.

Those of us born here never realized what freedom really means. We will though, because we are about to lose it.

The Fat Lady just sang. And the tune she’s crooning will make your eyes water.

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