Socialism the opiate of the masses

danger-socialism.gifSo, as it turns out, “Religion” is NOT the “opiate of the masses!” Socialism is!

Or, rather collectivism – in any of its forms – including its ‘sick sisters’ socialism and communism. And like most illicit opiate use, it
spreads like a poison leaving sickness, dysfunction and despair in its wake. No really, Socialism takes initiative, personal responsibility, individual liberty and faith and turns them on its head and substitutes those once vaunted America Ideals with sloth,  entitlement, no work ethic,  personal irresponsibility, societal moral hazards and condemnation of Judeo-Christian faith.   Progressives and their co-conspirators in the N.E.A., reinforced by a compliant “Mainstream Media” have managed to inculcate a generation and a half of Americans who feel they “deserve rather than earn!

And the addiction to other people’s money is a hard habit to break! Just ask the Grecians, who upon hearing about the “Audacity of Austerity” – decide to riot rather than “man up” and take care of themselves.

For those that know ought to know better, the free market (capitalism) has lifted more ‘peoples’ out of abject poverty and misery than any other system yet devised by man.  While not perfect and it does not provide a guaranteed outcome, it certainly provides a more level starting place where at least on your own merits you can determine what your future will be. But, merit, is fast being removed from the lexicon of American exceptionalism and is being replaced with the mind numbing opiate with ‘crack like’ addictive seduction called “social justice”.  Social Justice is where others make a claim on you time, your income , your liberty, on you and call it fairness! But, it is only fair  -as it has been demonstrated time and time again to spread misery fairly to everyone. Well everyone; but, the ruling oligarchy.

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