Nudging further

Shifting all of society further and further away from our individual responsibilities and self sufficiency toward a system based on arbitrary and capricious subjective whims.  Doled about like ‘party favors’ at an EDM concert, where your possibilities, your very future is being decided by the color of your skin rather than the content of your character or even your ability to do: what-ever-it-is, is so anti American it is breathtaking in it’s contemplation.

This is everything Dr. Martin Luther King fought against. 

hole-y smoke well worth the read and view the video:

The “S” in ESG – “Social” – is a tool for nudging and even shoving America into the adaptation of woke ideology via the workplace.

In Part 2 of this series, 1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron describes in detail how the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), together with major fund investors such as BlackRock, State Street Bank, and Vanguard, team up to ensure that companies willingly bend the knee to wokeism in order to secure investment money…

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