Payback’s a %?$*&!

Recently a clever bunch of Eastern European crooks (probably Russian-mob connected) has figured out a way to hack into the accounts of Europe’s carbon registries and steal millions of Euros that were earmarked to save Planet Earth; or at least stave off the diminishing number of Mercedes and BMWs affecting the elite of European society.

For those of you who have been paying attention, you know that the EU has bought into the Godfather of Greenbacks, Don Al Gorleone’s global warming, er I mean global climate change scam and enacted legislation that allows corporations to purchase carbon credits to offset the evil CO2 emissions they spew into the atmosphere.  The idea being, I guess, is that if you pay enough money you can “pollute” the hell out of the planet and still feel good about yourself.  It’s kind of like paying up front so that you can sin all you want and still go to heaven.  That was a pet project of the Catholic Church pre-Martin Luther and The Reformation.  Rich Catholics paid the church cash so they could party on and not go to hell.  Quite a racket, don’t you think?

So, although I hate hackers with a passion, and probably would not have a problem with cutting off their thumbs, I have to give kudos to this group of enterprising scoundrels.  The thieving bunch stole money from another thieving bunch.  Think of it as Robin Hood stealing from Prince John.  Thieves  being thieved.  You gotta love the irony. 

My only hope is that Don Gorleone gets to have some of the $500 million he made from his global climate change scam put into the great wealth re-distribution plan envisioned by that purveyor of platitudes, Barack Hussein Obama. 

From one thief to another.  Payback’s a %?$*&, ain’t it?

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