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About Us:

Harangue the right social and political commentary – is created and maintained by Partisans of Liberty, who love the United States of America and have a deep and abiding respect for our founding fathers.

At Harangue, we understand just how unique the United States is in All OF THE HISTORIES OF THE WORLD – where, since the ancient of days most of theĀ  people of the world have lived in tyranny!


George Santayana said; Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Let Harangue serve as a telltale for the ‘blessing of liberty’ bequeathed to us by our founders.


Rick - Beijing China

Rick – Beijing China

Rick Richbourg:
is the founder, editor and publisher of Harangue.org. Moreover, Rick is a musician, (last release on iTunes Life is for the Living), music educator and guitar instructor, serial entrepreneur, raconteur, blogger, grassroots activist and laissez-faire Free Market advocate AND partisan-of-liberty!
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Carl – MusicFest Orlando.

Carl Spatazza:
is a seasoned music industry professional, author, musician, Patriot, friend of liberty. Find Carl’s new book Good Friday can be found at Amazon.com in either paper or plastic (kindle) versions.





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