Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius, has threatened to stop food manufacturers from advertising their products unless they comply with her demands to reduce or eliminate salt and sugar from their products. Of course, it’s just for the children, she will say.  It’s to combat… Continue reading

Hot Diggity Dog!

Let’s see, Congressman Anthony Weiner, Democrat-NY, just admitted lying about sending lewd photos of his “namesake” to a young, college-aged lass half his age and he refuses to resign.  Just a couple of months ago Congressman Chris Lee, Republican-NY, emailed a photo of his bare chest and resigned within 72… Continue reading

Where’s the laughter now?

Did you ever notice that freedom of speech to liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists/communists means that it only applies to them?  The darling of the left-wing media, the Rev. (I don’t know what he’s a reverend of) Al “I’m blacker than Obama” Sharpton, wants the FCC to go after stations that carry Rush Limbaugh,… Continue reading

Stimulate This!

Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn have recently put out a list of 100 “job-creating” items from last year’s “Stimulus Bill.”  There were far more than 100, but I guess it would have been difficult to lift a one-ton tome filled with all the wonderful things the stimulus did for… Continue reading