Now is the Winter of Our* Discontent …

So the sun shines brighter? The birds sing louder? The air breathes sweeter?


The ‘World” hails brilliant victory’ of our new “Redistributor-in-chief”: and that includes: Fidel Casto,Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ahmed Yousef ,Kim Jong Ill, a host of American terroists and the ‘Boys of the West Bank’ who bombed Israel by  day and made phone calls for ‘Barry’ by night. See video below:





And then there’s Old Europe- always eager for US ( us or the U.S.) to join them in the same ‘crab bucket’ of socialism that they are all rotting in.


The one thing all of those have in common, is a desire for a weakened -US, and maybe a misguided sense of schadenfreude; and, oh yea I almost forgot – an open hostility to the free market, freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.


That should give all of us ’cause for pause’ and perhaps instill more than a tinge of ‘buyers remorse’.


And. . . on the other hand – Atlas Shrugs! 

(* well about half or us of U.S. anyway)

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