Crisis Shills

Well, still, “there ain’t nothing new under the sun”; to quote the Good Book and quite a few other paraphrasers of same.

Since the ancient of days, folks have been prophesying the end of the world. And, on more than a few occasions, folks have figured out a way to monetize the end of the world. (Sort of like, evangelizing how a rise of the sea levels will drown us all – yet buying luxury beach front mansions in Martha’s Vineyard neighborhoods.)

Like Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, the 1970’s Consensus on Global Cooling, the “Chris Shills” are working hard to get you (and me – heck everyone else too) inflamed into a constant state of agitation. Whipped up and willing to do most anything: to save the world from cat juggling malefactors, Nessie, “War of the Worlds” broadcasters, Russian-Collusion, Big Foot and even the Priory of Sion .

As my dad used to say; “when a man with experience meets a man with money… pretty soon the man with experience has money!” So too, have many on the current flimflam of the day –  decide to use naturally occurring phenomenon to fleece the unwary from either their good sense, their propriety and of course, their hard earned coin.

Never be surprised by the left’s inhumanity to fellow mankind– especially when the blame can be placed on the calamity of the day – to deprive us of our Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness or even Freedom. Just ask those who have or are suffering at the hands of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Chavez.

Like those who predicted the climate doom in the 1930s, a new Ice Age in the 1970s, food rationing by 1980, nations to wiped-off the earth by rising sea water by the year 2000, current crisis shills are playing US for their own purposes.

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    Doomsdays that didn’t happen…

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