So when is a Townhall meeting not a Townhall meeting?


So when is a Townhall meeting not a Townhall meeting?

When it is wrapped like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to snare the unwary, uniformed and those chosen to be blissfully ignorant. Complicit in this pretense is the gaggle of Mainstream Media who are willing to cloak the rapacious appetitive of an ever expanding federal guv’ment for your ‘blessings of liberty’ and personal property. All this subterfuge in an effort to mollify some misguided idea of social justice.

As late as Friday afternoon before the event, Congressman Grayson’s staff there telling inquirers that there were NO planned Townhall meetings scheduled for the congressional recess. Ironically they were right!

Monday night, I, a dozen of my friends, and more than 1500 other Central Florida residents attended a charade advertised – in a last minute effort – as a Townhall meeting. Of course, this was a contrived event, stage-crafted to control the audience, content and meeting environment.

The event, hastily arranged – with barely 24 hour notice to the public – in a local union hall, with very limited seating capacity, immediately following a political meeting by the Democrat Executive committee was meant to pass as an impartial environment for discussion of one of the hottest topics in America today – the government takeover of 1/5 of our economy (that’s more than 2.5 trillion dollars in annual expenditures) and socialization of medicine in America. Moreover, in the most craven of acts the congressman brings three of his children to act as a shield from voter invective!

The real question becomes: what to do when elected representatives forsake their oath and no longer represent the will of their constituents? Instead, they eagerly represent the will of far away interests, constitutionally contrary ideologies and failed foreign philosophies?” And lastly, will our Republic stand – until this dereliction of duty can be rectified at the ballot box?

brief video snippets from Monday night – along with poignant commentary

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