High Cost of Social Justice


So, a year into Dear Leader’s
Reader’s presidential term and we find that the whole “Hopey Changey” ‘thang’
was a bait and switch scheme from the jump.


While it should be no
surprise that the most un-American of our Presidents – un-American being
defined as having the least amount of shared experiences with the rest of us – would have a different view of what is right for our country, it is shocking to see how he is seeking to remake our country into a radical vision he learned elsewhere.

this vision-quest for social justice was inculcated in a madrassa in Indonesian where he grew up as a young boy or
maybe – by his own admission – transferred from is marxist professors in
college or just fixed in his mind while sitting in the pews as a member of Rev Wright’s congregation. This version of social justice is not at all what or Founders


Our founders envisioned a
“shinning city on a hill” where freedoms and the blessings of those freedoms
were derived from God – not from Government! And while life outcomes might not be
assured, at least we could all start the race from the same starting line. Now,
as we remove God from our social and political discourse, we are moving toward
a tyranny where what was once assured to us by God is now being stolen by an ever
expanding central government to mete out at it’s own capricious and arbitrary whims. “A
government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big
enough to take everything you have.”


The dirty little secret is,
that the guv’ment is “sharing” dollars that belong to someone else.  Our guv’ment has NO MONEY.  In order for our politicians to give money
to someone, they must first take it from someone else. This means that for
every “public” dollar shared to accomplish a faux vision of social justice, that dollar must be
confiscated from someone who created in the private sector as a fruit of their own labor.

If the European model of
social justice is implemented, we can certainly get an immediate Q.E.D on how
that has been working out for the last 40 years! Persistent unemployment always
over 10%; and for those that have jobs, wages about 33% less than in America;
and a reduced standard of living with much less discretionary spending. So for
those on WIC, Welfare and raking in the other unearned “entitlements” your
discretionary spending for ‘rims’, cellphones, flat screens and unfettered
entertainment is directly paid for by those that have jobs! If we move to
a  “social justice” scheme where we have
fewer people working. If fewer people are working, then there will be less, less for everyone.


Freedom the real Social
Justice – … “is never more than a Generation away from Extinction. It is not
ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each
generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom
and then lost it have never known it again.”
source   Will you let Freedom die – on your watch?

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  1. Nice job! You’re right on the money; I guess that would be OUR money!

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