from Subjects to Freedom to Slavery in 235 years!

postwiprotest2011.JPG“The history of all hither to existing society is the history
of the class struggles”; so say Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto.

 And, what we see playing out in Wisconsin and maybe in your
state capitol in 2011 is the quintessential battle over – who owns your labor!

Apparently the public sector unions in Wisconsin think it’s
a great idea to make a claim on your labor. Moreover, they seemingly don’t want you to have a say in how big a stake they can claim!

The idea that anyone – other than you – owns your labor is antithetical
to the unalienable rights granted to all by our Creator and is in direct odds
with the fundamental cornerstones of our republic.

Yes, for thousands of years the normal state for mankind is
to live subjugated in oppression by a pharaoh,  emperor, Caesar, Kaiser, czar or despot.
However, for the very briefest of time in all of human history the citizens of these
United States of America have been allowed to live in a relative state of
liberty and freedom allowed to purse the aims of their own happiness.

Yet, those seeking to make a claim on your labor do NOT
create a way forward to a new social order or even dispense social justice! Instead,
they seek to return us all to the thousand year default of tyranny! Those making
claim on your labor make a claim on you – enslaving you to their purpose not
your own.

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