A Disclaimer

The preceding disclaimer was taken from Wilder’s copy of “The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and The Articles of Confederation.” Now, we’re not talking about Penthouse magazine, or violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto.  We’re talking about the founding documents of our republic.  Why would you need a… Continue reading

Who’s To Blame

Watching the scenes of destruction from the Haitian earthquake has left me, like everyone else, deeply saddened at the loss of life and intense suffering of an already destitute Haitian population.  I’m sure you would be hard pressed to find a poorer country than Haiti. The outpouring of aid from around… Continue reading

An Inconvenient Scandal

It looks like the guru of global warming has bumped into a little inconvenient fact:  some scientists who have made millions of dollars from the global warming scam got caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar. Now it looks like the savior of our non-endangered polar bear population… Continue reading

Et tu Barrack? Climate Debt – Copenhagen and US!

Truly surprised this is NOT getting more attention! ‘Beware the Ides or March’, or in this case the Ides of December, when the ‘socialists of the world’ will meet in Copenhagen in hopes to mete out final punishment on free markets, capitalism and the Liberty and freedoms of the American… Continue reading


I awoke this morning to the earth-shattering news that our Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, had just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   All I can say is:  HUH? I thought about his accomplishments for world peace and came up with exactly zero.  Nada, zip, zilch, fly speck,… Continue reading

Double Standard? No Standards.

When the abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered, it made headlines and outrage was everywhere.  Even those of us who disagree with abortion were angered by this senseless killing.  Just as we are by the senseless killing of the unborn. For days political pundits from the left excoriated those on… Continue reading