A Disclaimer

The preceding disclaimer was taken from Wilder’s copy of “The Constitution, The
Declaration of Independence, and The Articles of Confederation.”

Now, we’re not talking about Penthouse magazine, or violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto.  We’re talking about the founding documents of our republic.  Why would you need a disclaimer?  Should we now put a disclaimer in front of the works of Shakespeare; or Homer; or  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

What is it about the Constitution that doesn’t reflect the same values that we have today?  We believe in personal liberty, equality and opportunity.  Do we all not desire to pursue happiness?  Or is that only limited to the rich and powerful apparatchiks; as in the former Soviet Union?

Those elites in academia would have us believe that our Founding Father’s ideas and ideals are out-of-date.  They were really for another time.  So we shouldn’t have freedom OF religion, we should have freedom FROM religion.  We should only have freedom of speech if it’s politically correct speech and authorized by someone who’s smarter than us.  We should only allow freedom of the press for those who agree with an administration and congress who seek ever more power.

You see, those above mentioned freedoms are rights guaranteed to us by our Bill of Rights; the first ten amendments to our Constitution.  There is a reason that they are in the 1st Amendment.  It’s because they are the most important of our rights.  Without them, we would not have lasted 234 years.  These rights are not to be viewed in the context of ever-changing societal norms.  They are supposed to SET the norms. 

Our Constitution is the framework of our republic.  It spells out exactly how our government is meant to work.  Unfortunately, for the last one hundred years, we’ve strayed farther and farther from this MOST important document and we now have a government that is not of the people, by the people and for the people anymore.  With its continuing disregard for the wishes of the vast majority of Americans, it has proved that it no longer wants to govern.  It wants to rule.

I seem to remember that the last king who ruled over America didn’t do very well. 

We’ve thrown out despots before.  We will throw them out again.

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