Who’s To Blame

Watching the
scenes of destruction from the Haitian earthquake has left me, like everyone
else, deeply saddened at the loss of life and intense suffering of an already
destitute Haitian population.  I’m sure you would be hard pressed to
find a poorer country than Haiti.

outpouring of aid from around the world has been staggering.  The
United States, of course in the forefront of that assistance, has sent untold
millions of dollars in food, water and temporary shelter in addition to
military troops to help maintain order.  The aid sent by the US
government does not include the millions of dollars donated by hard-working
Americans.  Even those having a hard time financially have not shirked
from their Christian responsibility. Facts bear out that Americans are the most
generous on earth.

So it really
ticked me off to see a CNN video showing a Haitian minister preaching to his
flock that it was the “white man’s fault” that Haiti wasn’t recovering quickly
enough from this natural disaster.  For those of you ignorant of the
country’s demographics, I’m compelled to point out the
obvious:  Haiti is not a country governed by white people.  It
is a country of blacks; governed by blacks and controlled by
blacks.  So which white people are to blame for the disastrous
economy; the failing infrastructure that contributed to the deaths of more than
150,000 Haitians or the inability of the Haitian government to cope with this
horrendous disaster?  Because the only white people involved here are
the ones coming to the aid of Haiti.  That would be you and me.

I, for one,
have suffered through decades of being called a racist because I don’t think
people, white, black, or otherwise, should be given free food, free housing,
free utilities, a free cell phone, a free car or a monthly check for sitting on
their duff doing nothing.  News flash:  I’m not responsible
for your upkeep just because you happened to be born.  That’s not my

I hear
people talk about the black culture all the time and how the white man is
destroying it.  Well, I have news for you, rap music and basketball
are not part of black culture; wearing your baseball hat backwards and your
oversize pants halfway down your rear end are not part of black culture; living
in government-subsidized housing riddled with crime is not black culture.
Calling each other  “nigger” is not black culture.  Doing
poorly in school is not black culture.  Calling your woman a
“ho” is not black culture.  Using crack cocaine is not part
of black culture.  And letting Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pimp your
vote to politicians who keep you mired in mediocrity is not black

culture is none of these things.  It’s hard work, and family.
 It’s responsibility, and charity.  It’s a belief in the traditional
values that made this nation great.  Black culture is not different than
white culture.  In the end, it’s just an American
culture.  Even though the government has perverted our ideals, we all
grew up in the same country, believing in the same values, the same laws and
the same way of life.  We all want the same things.  A
great American, Martin Luther King, understood it better than
anyone.  He didn’t want special treatment for blacks.  He
wanted equal treatment, but we’ve gone beyond that and in doing so have
destroyed the black communities that once thrived in America.  Black
Americans have been so instrumental to the success of this experiment we call
America.  Without the contributions of black Americans, we would be a
poorer nation.  And I’m not just measuring dollars and cents.

Since Roe v
Wade we have aborted millions of black children.  Supporters of
abortion rights, traditionally liberals, are the same ones calling
conservatives racist for not agreeing with their political icons; never seeing
their own hypocrisy for their support of killing black babies and the
destruction of the black family structure.

children continue to be forced to attend failing public schools.  Our
inner city schools are crowded and although the amount of money spent on public
education escalates each year, the quality of that education continues to
decline.  Black children, particularly males, are dropping out of
school in record numbers.  They’re doomed to a life of failure, or worse
yet:  prison.  And it’s the ever-compassionate liberals who see
the solution is to force blacks to stay in the same failing schools, but of
course, to send more money to the failing schools.  All of which
hasn’t done a darned thing except create a population of idiots.  It
seems to me that is exactly what our politicians want.  If
you’re too stupid to understand what they are doing, then you will just
continue to vote for them.  It makes their job so much easier–and

Have you
ever heard a liberal vote for the one program that would drastically change the
future for those black children?  In case you don’t know what that
is, have you ever heard of school vouchers?  Unless you’ve paid
attention, probably not.  The media ignores the problems of education,
unless of course they want to report on some callous conservative who refuses
to inject more taxpayer dollars into a failing and corrupt educational system
that concerns itself with the interests of educators rather than

A school
voucher system is the one thing that will save our public school system and our
children, no matter their color.  It will make schools accountable by
increasing competition.  The same competition that creates new and
improved manufactured goods at cheaper prices will create a new, improved and
cheaper educational system.  But more importantly, it puts our children’s
future back in the hands of parents and takes it away from bureaucrats.
 It’s a shift of power.

something politicians fear.  And a government that fears you is a
government that cannot abuse its power.

So keep
voting for those liberals who espouse Martin Luther King’s dream, yet use
claims of racism to further their own agenda at every opportunity; keep voting
for the handouts and freebies that every liberal believes it’s your right to
have; keep voting for the failing schools; the black-on-black crime-ridden
neighborhoods; the drug-infested communities; the aborted babies; the
ever-increasing number of young black men in prison.  Keep voting
yourselves and your children into perpetual serfdom.   That’s
just the way the libs want it. 

And you
thought slavery was dead?  Not hardly.  You’ve just traded
one slave master for another.  Only this slave master doesn’t sit on
a plantation in South Carolina.  He sits in Washington, D.C.

Who’s to
blame?  Look in the mirror.  That’s not whitey you see.

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