Good Friday

I’ve been invited to be a guest on “American Adversaries” to talk about my novel, “Good Friday.”  I’ll be appearing on Good Friday (this friday, March 29th, for the non-religious) at 5pm on WORL AM 660. If you’re not in the local Orlando reception area and want to listen in,… Continue reading

Double Standard? No Standards.

When the abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered, it made headlines and outrage was everywhere.  Even those of us who disagree with abortion were angered by this senseless killing.  Just as we are by the senseless killing of the unborn. For days political pundits from the left excoriated those on… Continue reading

How Obama got Elected

A great 9 1/2 minute interview with Sara Palin regarding Mainstream media (MSM) bias. Particularly interesting are the comments related the MSM’s handling of Caroline Kennedy Schlosberg’s possible nomination to the open Senate seat in New York. And simply constrasting the treatment. (Hat tip Ray Watts for the source .… Continue reading