Et tu Barrack? Climate Debt – Copenhagen and US!

ides-march.jpgTruly surprised this is NOT getting more attention!

‘Beware the Ides or March’, or in this case the Ides of December, when the ‘socialists of the world’ will meet in Copenhagen in hopes to mete out final punishment on free markets, capitalism and the Liberty and freedoms of the American Middle Class.

Buzz words to remember:

  • Reparations
  • Climate-Debt
  • Global Government
  • Treaty Enforcement

As a gentle reminder, treaties  ratified by Congress supersede ANY and ALL rights guaranteed by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Beware: these Climate Change thugs are coming after you and me – that’s us – the U.S.  to collect a climate debt for our use of fossil fuels and collect the will try. If our congress ratifies this Global Warming Treaty Jackassary from Copenhagen – they will have just handed some dumb-tard Bureaucrat in Belgium sovereignty over you, your family and your children’s future – FOREVER!  The dirty little secret is that once a treaty is Signed,it can NOT be unsigned without the consent of 100% of the signers.  Since the U.S will be the largest single financial contributor, it is highly unlikely that those on the recieving end will allow the U.S. to leave the treaty without some sort of conflict.

Please take a few minutes to view Lord Christopher Monckton commentary from October 14, 2009…


Et tu Barrack, et tu Congress? Despicable, like modern day Bruté attacking the last vestiges of freedom in the world.

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  1. It’s getting closer to 1789 France everyday. The countdown has begun and I don’t know if it can be turned around. I’m truly afraid.
    It’s not God bless America anymore, it’s God save America now!

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