An Inconvenient Scandal

It looks like the guru of global warming has bumped into a little inconvenient fact:  some scientists who have made millions of dollars from the global warming scam got caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar.

Now it looks like the savior of our non-endangered polar bear population has gone into hibernation himself.  After The University of East Anglia’s head of climate research Phil Jones’ emails exposed him for what he truly is:  a political hack who sees the climate change agenda as just another “crisis we can’t let go to waste,” Al Gore has cancelled a speech that he was due to give in Copenhagen citing, “scheduling conflicts.”

Why do I have a feeling that there will be more “scheduling conflicts” in the days to come?  The bombastic ex-Vice-President has refused to testify before Congress if Lord Monckton, his British nemesis, was allowed to give an opposing viewpoint to Gore’s apocalyptic inventions; he steadfastly refuses to debate anyone on the subject of global warming and one reporter who attended an event staged for sympathetic media, who had the temerity to question Gore’s  theories, had his microphone shut off and was escorted out of the meeting.  So much for the inconvenient truth.

Unfortunately, for Al Gore, the only thing that’s inconvenient is that he got caught in a big fat lie.  

To borrow a line from “Friends”; Al just how many cameras have you got on you?  

Because those lies you’ve been spreading have increased your girth exponentially.

And where is the so-called “Mainstream Media” in all this?  None of the major networks have done any in depth reporting on this.  Some have not even mentioned it.  I guess they’re too busy reporting the real news.  You know, like having a helicopter hover over a mall on Black Friday so we can see all the shoppers lined up looking for bargains.  Yeah, that really affects our lives, don’t you think?

If we can only get the media to do its job, we may actually save trillions of American taxpayer dollars and keep our nation out of the hands of the one-world government types who seek the destruction of America.

I don’t think The New York Times is what Thomas Jefferson envisioned when he advocated for a free press being essential to protecting citizens from the tyranny of a government gone wild.  The “Guardians of Truth” no longer exist in what has become the fringe media; and that’s more than inconvenient.  

It’s a crime.

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