I awoke this morning to the earth-shattering news that our Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, had just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  

All I can say is:  HUH?

I thought about his accomplishments for world peace and came up with exactly zero.  Nada, zip, zilch, fly speck, goose egg, naught, nix, nothing, zippo and diddly squat also come to mind.

So it seems that his award was more for his style than any substance.  Because Mr. Teleprompter has not delivered anything but nice speeches.

Has he ended the war in Iraq?  In Afghanistan?  Has he persuaded his admirers in the Muslim world to stop their homicide bombings?  Has he been able to bring about a change of heart from Hamas’ desire to shoot thousands of missiles into Israel?  And how about the “Madman of Iran?”  Have you heard that the president of Iran has changed his mind about the Holocaust and his promise to blow Israel off the map?

I don’t think so.  But of course, the messiah does fill us all with “hope.”  So maybe if we “hope” for all these things, they will come true.  And maybe if we just “hope” that our lotto numbers are picked, we will become instant millionaires.  If we only have “hope.”

Let me point out that the Nobel Prize committee is the same group of enlightened individuals that awarded the Peace Prize to Al Gore in 2007.  Mr. Gore actually beat out Mother Theresa.  You remember her; she was the Catholic nun who lived among the lepers and wretchedly poor in Calcutta, India.  She devoted her whole life to easing the suffering of the least fortunate among us.  And, I might add, never earned a penny for her troubles.  But how does that compare with the Great Peacemaker?  After all, he did invent the Internet.  And he does love polar bears.
It must have been a tough choice though.  Hmmm, let’s see, Al Gore or Mother Theresa.  Oops, sorry Mama Terry, we’re going to have to go with Al Gore.  Don’t forget, he did put solar panels on the roof of his 10,000 square foot house in Nashville that consumes 12 times the electricity as the average American home.  Oh, sorry, I digress.

In case you’re wondering, this is also the same mindset that awarded the prize to Yassir Arafat,
the lovable little terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of
thousands of Israelis AND Palestinians through decades of his leadership of the PLO.  Oh, and let’s not forget
another US president who received the honor while in office:  Woodrow
Wilson.  His great accomplishment:  incarcerating 150,000 Americans
whose only crime was disagreeing with his policies.  They were our
first political prisoners.

The bottom line is that the Nobel Prize is awarded more for the committee’s aspirations and dreams than for actual accomplishments. 

I guess they’re filled with “hope” too.

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  1. Rick Richbourg

    Was “Hoping”, okay really, just thinking that since the award is obviously based on intent rather than an demonstrable accomplishments, perhaps we should begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

  2. I wish we could. Unfortunately with the Socialists in charge it wouldn’t get very far.
    I have a better idea though, since you are a songwriter and your “intent” is to write good songs, we should give you a Grammy in anticipation of your accomplishments; since Carmelo writes movie scripts, he should receive an Oscar for his intention to write an Oscar-winning screenplay; and I, of course, should automatically be awarded $1 million dollar advance on my novel, because my intention is to have a best-seller.
    Dare we “hope?”

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