Judgement Day

“Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.”  An oft overlooked phrase, that if the lame-stream media had done its job and done its research, would have shown the American people who Barack Hussein Obama really is and what he actually had in mind when he said that… Continue reading

Power to the Politburo

When President Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning for the presidency he made it a point, on several occasions, to say that if he were elected president that “95% of Americans making less than $200,000 a year would not see their taxes increase by a single dime.” So lets take a… Continue reading

2 + 2 = 4

Yesterday, obviously giddy over the Head Socialist’s victory over American liberty, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Kathryn Sibelius said that this legislation will cause the pharmaceutical industry to see its profits reduced by some $90 billion. A few questions come immediately to mind.  The first is obvious:  What the… Continue reading

Who’s To Blame

Watching the scenes of destruction from the Haitian earthquake has left me, like everyone else, deeply saddened at the loss of life and intense suffering of an already destitute Haitian population.  I’m sure you would be hard pressed to find a poorer country than Haiti. The outpouring of aid from around… Continue reading

Copen Haagen Dazs

Unless you’re living on some secluded island in the South Pacific or spend all of your time watching Dancing With The Stars, you’re probably aware of the Copenhagen Con that is going on this week in the land that gave us the Vikings (not to be confused with the NFL… Continue reading

An Inconvenient Scandal

It looks like the guru of global warming has bumped into a little inconvenient fact:  some scientists who have made millions of dollars from the global warming scam got caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar. Now it looks like the savior of our non-endangered polar bear population… Continue reading

Veteran’s Day

As you sit in your comfortable home, watching your big screen tv and munching on your favorite fat-inducing snack, I hope you’ll take the time to remember the folks who made it all possible:  The United States Military. For more than two centuries, American men and women, of all ethnic… Continue reading

Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions

After the killings at Fort Hood, Texas, President Barack Hussein Obama made a short reference to the tragedy by admonishing the American people to “not jump to any conclusions” about who or why these murders occurred.  That was, of course, after the three-minute “shout” out to his Native American audience. … Continue reading