Power to the Politburo

When President Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning for the presidency
he made it a point, on several occasions, to say that if he were
elected president that “95% of Americans making less than $200,000 a
year would not see their taxes increase by a single dime.”

So lets take a look at a few of the more straightforward tax
increases that have already been passed or are being given serious
consideration by BHO:

*Raise the cigarette tax by 62
cents per pack.  (Here’s a question:  Do you think more rich people or
poor people smoke cigarettes?)

*Raise beer taxes by 48 cents a
six-pack.  (Here’s another question:  Do you know any rich people who
are described as “Joe Six-pack?)

*Raise wine taxes by 49 cents
per bottle.  (You got me here, the guy who bought that bottle of 1787
Chateau Lafite for $157,000 probably makes more than $200 grand a
year.  On the other hand, what about the the guy who drinks Ripple or
MD2020?  He’s going to have to spend more time begging on the street
corner to come up with the extra 49 cents.  Where’s that famous liberal compassion?  Oh, the humanity!)

new tax on soda at 3 cents per 12-ounce serving.  (I don’t know how
well that will go over with the 300 pound soccer mom sucking down the
platoon size Coke at 7-11?)

And here’s the piece de resistance: 
the Bush tax cuts, you remember those; they only helped create 3 
million new jobs and enabled the US Treasury to collect record
revenues, will be allowed to expire.  How cool, taxes will be raised
and Congress and the administration can truthfully say they didn’t vote
to raise them.  Of course only a fool or a liberal would believe that.  Oh, you evil conservatives, I know what you’re thinking:  “They’re pretty much one in the same anyway!”

Now I know this
is hard for liberals to do, but I want you to think; just for a second
because I don’t want your head to explode.  What do those evil rich
people do with all the money they earn (yes, they do EARN their
money?)  Here’s a clue, they either spend it or they invest it. 
Contrary to depictions by Hollywood and academia elitists, people like Bill Gates don’t
light cigars with hundred dollar bills.

tell me, if rich folks spend their money, doesn’t that create jobs? 
The people that produce, transport, and sell products owe their jobs to
those that purchase the products.  How about the ancillary businesses,
like utility companies, construction companies, etc.  Are those jobs
not being created by rich people spending? 

And if they invest their
money, doesn’t that also create jobs?  When they buy stock, does that
not give a company the necessary capital that will allow it to grow
thus hiring more workers?  If  a rich person opens a McDonalds or a Hooters or hair-styling salon, will they not employ dozens of workers?  Those jobs do not magically appear out of thin air.  Someone with lots of money makes it happen. 

So then how is taking more money
away from the rich folks going to create the jobs that are necessary to
get our country out of the economic trouble we are in? 

answer is simple:  It’s not.  And that’s the plan.  The goal is not to restore our economy
and, in spite of what the president has said, it’s not about
redistribution of wealth or fairness.  It’s about power.  Who is going
to have it, the people or the government?

As a student of
history, I seem to remember reading the very same ideas of spreading
the wealth and being fair.  They were said during a revolution.  Only it wasn’t the
American Revolution.  That wasn’t a revolution about fairness, it was a revolution about personal liberty; an idea foreign to the many liberals who occupy high positions in our government today.

The revolution I speak of took place in Russia
in 1917. 

So how did that work out?  Well, maybe you could ask the forty million Russians that Josef Stalin murdered. 

Oh, sorry you can’t.  They’re all dead.

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