Where in the world is Al Gore?

I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but what happened to
the “climate change” that had taken the world by storm (no pun intended) a few
weeks ago in Oslo?  Suddenly the guru
of global warming has sequestered himself in his 10,000 square foot estate in
Tennessee and is trying to keep himself toasty as the whole world digs itself
out of record snowfalls.

Where in the world is Al Gore?  The inconvenient truther has fallen off the radar and our
fourth estate, you know, the “investigative” reporters who are supposed to be
looking out for the best interests of we the people, have conveniently forgotten
about the chief protagonist of man-made global warming. 

The earth is experiencing one of the coldest winters in a
quarter of a century and the Gore supporters are nowhere to be found.  China is enveloped in record setting
cold and snow.  The American
Midwest is getting slammed with heavy snow and wind chills of 50 below zero.

…..And where in the world is Al Gore?

Cold weather has sent a record number of people to hospitals
for treatment for exposure.  They’ve
had 22 deaths from unusual cold in England.  A satellite photo of the British Isles two days ago showed
what appeared to be thick cloud cover enveloping the whole of Great
Britain.  It was actually
snow.  England, Ireland and
Scotland were completely covered in snow!

…..And where in the world is Al Gore?

Atlanta, Georgia, considered the Deep South, got up to an
inch of snow and is expecting more. 
Orlando, Florida, which is even deeper south has been experiencing below
freezing temperatures for several days and is expected to see snow today.  The land of Mickey Mouse and palm trees
is not supposed to get snow.  Just ask the citrus industry if they would rather have global warming or a new ice age.  Not much of choice there.

…..And where in the world is Al Gore?

President Barack Hussein Obama seems intent on putting the
United States closer to bankruptcy. 
His support for the Oslo Climate Change Summit will redistribute the
wealth of America, in some misguided attempt to make up for America’s so-called
sin of using more than it’s share of the world’s resources.   Secretary of State Hillary Rodham
Clinton has pledge $100 billion to third world countries to atone for America’s
success at making the world a safer and better place to live.

…..And where in the world in Al Gore?

Take my advice Mr. Gore, if you can’t take the heat, get out
of the kitchen.  Or in this case, stay
right where you are, there’s another blizzard headed right your way.

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