Up In Smoke

A report from the Pentagon has just come down today and sent to Secretary of Defense Gates.  In this blue ribbon paper, it recommends that the US military ban smoking by military personnel. Now, let me just say that I hate cigarette smoke.  I smoked for a half-dozen years and… Continue reading


As we approach another 4th of July, I can’t think of a more appropriate endeavor than for each of us to read our Declaration of Independence.  It, along with our Constitution, the Magna Carta and the Bible, is one of the most important documents ever written. If you take yourself… Continue reading

The “T” Word

I don’t like to throw around the “T” word indiscriminately.  It’s an ugly word.  It doesn’t really roll of the tongue easily.  I suppose that’s why we don’t hear it very often unless of course liberals can’t argue facts (which often get in their way.)  Then they just call you… Continue reading


US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered additional protections for Hawaii just in case North Korea launches a long-range missile over the Pacific Ocean.   Now, what is wrong with me?  I thought that having President Obama in The White House was going to stop all the animosity towards the… Continue reading

Shame on Us

Obviously, the Iranian election is a sham.  It didn’t make any difference how the people voted, the mullahs not only handpicked the contestants; they determined (pre-election) who the winner would be. But a funny thing happened on the way to the mosque, the people didn’t appreciate their votes being made… Continue reading