Copen Haagen Dazs

Unless you’re living on some secluded island in the South Pacific or spend all of your time watching Dancing With The Stars, you’re probably aware of the Copenhagen Con that is going on this week in the land that gave us the Vikings (not to be confused with the NFL team), prune danishes, and the cartoon of the prophet Mohammed, which inflamed followers of the religion of peace and caused worldwide riots that killed a couple of dozen rioters.  I wonder if that qualifies them for martyrdom and their 72 virgins?  Sorry, an ADD moment.

Our president has gone to the Danish capital to attend the “global climate change summit” that promotes the position that mankind (read The United States) is destroying the earth and it (re-read The United States) must atone for its (re-re-read The United States) sins against humanity (read the rest of the world.)  To that end President Barack Hussein Obama will be asked to sign a treaty that will cost the American economy trillions of dollars and maybe, just maybe lower the temperature of the earth by less than a quarter of a degree in the next twenty years.

The ugly culprit, we are being told by the experts, is carbon dioxide.  You know good old CO2 is causing our earth to boil.  The claim is that CO2 levels are unacceptable and we must lower them.

Okay, here’s what I don’t understand.  From 1890 to 1936 there were actually higher concentrations of CO2 on earth than there are now.  How do we know, you ask?  Scientists can actually look at tree rings and get that kind of historical record.  Yet, the earth was cooler at that time; a time when there were far fewer people, far fewer automobiles and far less heavy industry.  

Also, there have been multiple times throughout history where the earth’s temperature has been much hotter than now.  The last being the medieval warming period as outlined in the graph below:


Comparison between the change in the global temperature (red line), the Carbon Dioxide Concentration (blue line), and the sample tree ring (green line) from 800 AD to 2005 (AD). As you can see, what took only 150 years during the Medieval Period of Global Warming has taken 200 years in our Industrial Era. This means that the current Global Warming is rising SLOWER than during the Medieval Age. Besides, our Global Warming is LOWER than that of the Medieval Period. A further characteristic is that the warmest phase in the Medieval Period lasted about 190 years, whereas the warmest period of the contemporary Global Warming lasted merely 3 years (from 1997 to 1998), with its highest point in 1998. This evidence demonstrates that the Global Warming is a cyclic natural phenomenon. THE GRAPHS PUBLISHED IN BIOCAB’S WEBSITE ARE AUTHENTIC, ACCORDING TO THE REFERENCED SOURCES, WHICH CAN BE COLLATED TO VERIFY THEIR EXACTITUDE AND VERACITY. WE HAVE NOT MODIFIED DATA NEITHER HAVE FLAWED THE DATA.

As you can see, between the years 900 and 1000 AD the earth’s temperature was much warmer than today and carbon dioxide concentrations were about half of what they are now.  Now I’m not the brightest bulb in the socket, but I’m pretty sure there were no SUVs around in 900 AD.  Neither was there any industry to speak of and the population of the earth was around 250 million.  All of them, at one time or another, respiring (breathing for those of you in public school.)  As you can also see, over 80% of the 20th century’s carbon dioxide increase occurred after 1940, but most of the century’s temperature increase occurred before 1940!

In case you’re wondering about that evil carbon dioxide, it comes from many different sources.  It isn’t limited to just coal fired power plants and automobiles.  That little pop you hear every time you open a can of Coca-Cola is CO2 (in the form of carbonic acid) escaping.  Contrary to what the EPA is telling us now, carbon dioxide does not threaten life on earth.  Quite the contrary, CO2 is NECESSARY to life on earth.

Every plant needs CO2 to exist.  It is what plants eat.  It’s necessary for photosynthesis so that plants can live.  Plants then give off oxygen so that humans can breath.  Food crops are also plants and if we want to eat we better not fool with Mother Nature.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.  Kind of like the Service Employees International Union’s symbiotic relationship with President Barack Hussein Obama.  It donated $60 million to his presidential campaign and now SEIU president Andy Stern gets to visit The White House every week and “advise” our president as to which legislation will benefit his union.  That’s symbiosis at its finest.

So can we, or should we endeavor to rid the world of excess carbon dioxide?  First we have to understand that 97% of all carbon dioxide comes from nature itself.  Only 3% comes from human activity.  Termites alone emit ten times more CO2 than all the factories and automobiles in the whole world!  Do you think we can kill several trillion termites?  I doubt it.

CO2 only accounts for about 0.035% of our atmosphere and yet we are told that this greenhouse gas is causing global warming.  It’s NOT the only greenhouse gas.  Water vapor accounts for at least 95% of any greenhouse effect.  What are we going to do, drain the Pacific Ocean?

Let’s get this straight, this is not about saving the planet.  It’s about redistributing the wealth of The United States of America.  But, when you think about it, haven’t we distributed enough of enough of our wealth already.  How about the half-million men America lost in World Wars I and II?  Were these best and brightest not the greatest wealth of our nation?  And what about the hundreds of billions of dollars America has spent over the past several decades preserving liberty, coming to the aid of nations wracked by natural disasters, and contributing to the impoverished nations wallowing in starvation, disease and destitution?  And let me point out, those billions are only what our government gave away.  Private donations from hard working Americans added billions more.  No people on earth are as generous as Americans; and you can take that to the bank!

I think we’ve redistributed enough of our wealth.  It’s time we got our own house in order.  In fact, it’s long overdue.

It’s just amazing to me that these Blutocrats (so named for the bully that was Popeye’s nemesis) converging in Denmark, keep extolling the virtues of going green and rail against the use of fossil fuels, have seen fit to show up in 140 private jet aircraft and are being chauffeured around town in 1200 limousines.  In fact, the Danes have had to import limos from neighboring countries because there aren’t enough of them in Denmark.  That’s some carbon footprint don’t you think?  But, as usual, it’s “do as I say and not as I do” from the intelligentsia who think they know how to run our lives better than we do.

Isn’t this the same mentality that inspired Marie Antoinette to mutter “Let them eat cake!” when referring to the starving Frenchie Frenchmen before they chopped off her head?

It wouldn’t surprise me to hear “Let them eat ice cream!” from one of the self-appointed saviors of the world in Copenhagen.  I’m just wondering when the governees will tell the governors, “Go to hell!” and throw the scoundrels out of office.

I just hope that happens before guillotines become fashionable again.

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