Et tu Barrack? Climate Debt – Copenhagen and US!

Truly surprised this is NOT getting more attention! ‘Beware the Ides or March’, or in this case the Ides of December, when the ‘socialists of the world’ will meet in Copenhagen in hopes to mete out final punishment on free markets, capitalism and the Liberty and freedoms of the American… Continue reading

Stark RAVing Mad

I think I may have stumbled onto the answer to the most perplexing mystery of the 21st century.  I know that many folks have been scratching their head and even pulling out their hair in a completely futile attempt to answer the mother of all perplexing questions: How the heck… Continue reading

Goodbye Columbus

Arrivederci Chris, your time in the sun has finally expired.  After more than 5 centuries, the noted explorer who is credited with finding the New World is being unceremoniously shoved into the garbage bin of history. It seems the Italian seafarer, after decades of revisionist history being shoved down our… Continue reading


I awoke this morning to the earth-shattering news that our Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, had just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   All I can say is:  HUH? I thought about his accomplishments for world peace and came up with exactly zero.  Nada, zip, zilch, fly speck,… Continue reading

Bring It On!

Whatever happened to the “civility” Princess Pelosi was going to bring back to DC? Recently she lamented (behind some forced tears welling up in her baby blues) that decorum has suddenly disappeared from our society. This pusillanimous princess, in referring to the death of Harvey Milk, a gay San Francisco… Continue reading