Bring It On!

Whatever happened to the “civility” Princess Pelosi was going to bring back to DC? Recently she lamented (behind some forced tears welling up in her baby blues) that decorum has suddenly disappeared from our society. This pusillanimous princess, in referring to the death of Harvey Milk, a gay San Francisco councilman who was murdered several years ago, is fretting that “right-wing fanatics” (like the peaceful attendees of the Tea Parties I assume) will take up arms against the tyrants in Washington. Gee, why would she worry about that?

She blames conservatives and says that those on the right are filled with hate and vitriol and must bear responsibility for any acts that will cause harm to her treasonous compatriots. Of course no one of the liberal persuasion harbors any “hate or vitriol.” They are incapable of hating right?
Of course not.

Not when they called George Bush a liar, a warmonger, a murderer, and a Nazi. Not when a movie was made about assassinating a sitting president (that would again be George Bush.) I guess that kind of stuff is acceptable as long as it’s coming from the left. I never once heard her speak out or condemn that kind of vitriol. I might add that it all didn’t come from the left’s lunatic fringe. Much of it came from mainstream liberals and even those in Congress.

And then we have Alan Grayson. A man who came on the local scene from Washington DC for one reason only. To defeat Ric Keller for his congressional seat. Now I’m not going to defend Ric Keller. He became arrogant and unresponsive to his constituents. He deserved to lose his seat. But not to an ideologue like Grayson.

Representative Grayson, in a speech before the House yesterday, declared that Republicans health care plan was for sick people to “die quickly.” Again though, to liberals, this is the “civility” that they espouse. To them, it’s not uncivil to engage in name calling. It’s not uncivil to spread lies and propaganda. Of course not. Their ideology permits them to do all of that. To a liberal, as with any power-hungry entity, the end always justifies the means.

Even saying that Republicans failure to support a socialist health-care plan is comparable to The Holocaust is perfectly acceptable behavior. I wonder what the surviving victims of Auschwitz would say about that.

I don’t want to hear about the hatred on the right anymore. Even the lunatic fringe on the right can’t come close to Grayson and his ilk. There is no group that harbors hatred more than liberals. Much like Al Qaeda, the libs have declared war on conservatives. They want us silenced. Remember the president said for us to “shut up and get out of the way.” But much like the American people before 9/11, conservatives refused to believe they were at war.

Conservatives live by the Golden Rule, and much to our detriment, expect everyone else will too.
Well, we’ve just had our face slapped-again. This should be our wake-up call. War has been declared. We can’t ignore that any longer.

I say “Bring it on!”

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