Rush to Judgement

Now that Rush Limbaugh has been barred from owning a share of the St. Louis Rams, I wonder if the NFL will start vetting folks who want to buy shares in the publicly owned Green Bay Packers.  After all, there may be a few folks in the land of milk and cheese that may harbor not exactly politically correct views of people of color.

The commissioner of the NFL certainly showed his political stripes when he jumped on the bandwagon and said he would not let the conservative talk show icon ever enter the upper strata of elitism and own an NFL team.  

Let’s get this straight:  This has nothing to do with what Rush Limbaugh supposedly said about Donovan McNabb.  In fact, what he did say had nothing to do with McNabb and everything to do with the media.  That’s why such intense hatred has been spawned by the media against Rush.  The media doesn’t like scrutiny.  It never has, it never will.

In case you’re not familiar with the allegation, several years ago Rush Limbaugh made a comment on a television sports talk show that he believed that the only reason the media made such a big deal out of McNabb being a quarterback is because it wanted to see a successful black quarterback.  This is not in any way, shape or form a statement that judges McNabb’s race.  It has everything to do with the media’s shaping the news.  It’s an indictment of the media; plain and simple.

If we really want to point fingers at people that make racist/offensive statements, we need look no further than some our more popular pop or sports icons.  For instance:

    -Jennifer Lopez aka J Lo who is a minority owner (which is what Rush would have been in St. Louis) in the Miami Dolphins, recorded and performed a song with proficient use of the N-word.  She continues to earn money from royalties for her tasteful examination of the English language.  It might interest you to know that J Lo is as white as El Rushbo.

    -Another minority owner of the Dolphins, Serena Williams, broke scads of FCC regulations by letting loose an insightful F-bomb filled tirade on a live television broadcast.  She threatened a side judge and eventually was disqualified.  But I guess her behavior and rich language has been overlooked by the NFL.

    -And yet another NFL-approved minority owner of the Dolphins (do we see a pattern here Miami?), Fergie, of the band Black Eyed Peas fame, performed her song “Glamorous” at the White House Easter egg hunt (are we still allowed to say Easter?).  Let’s remember that the egg hunt is for children.  Here’s an ADD moment:  what he heck does a rabbit, chocolate and eggs have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Anyway, back to business.  Here are some of the lyrics the little children were entertained by:  “if you ain’t got no money take your broke a** home.  In case you can’t figure out what a** is, think of the symbol of the Democrat Party.  Fergie also sang a stirring rendition of a song supporting America’s war on terror written by her band called “Where Is The Love.”

“Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here livin’
        In the USA; the big CIA

A war is goin’ on but the reason’s undercover
    The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug”

It sounds like they oh so believe in our cause, don’t you think?

Or how about these wonderful Cole Porter-esque lyrics:

                “Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
                All that junk inside your trunk
                I’ma get get get get you drunk
                Get yo love drunk off my hump
                My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump
                My hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps”

Don’t those words just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over.  Move over Lennon and McCartney.  Oh, and in a real classy move, Fergie wet her pants, on stage, in front of a live audience.  I’m sure that was worth the price of admission!

Is this the kind of “high standard” Roger Goodell was talking about?  Is this what he meant by “bringing people together?”  Call me crazy, but I’m not sure that I want to get together with someone who drinks herself stupid and then can’t control her bladder.  But that’s just me.

Obviously the NFL has a right to deny ownership to anyone, don’t they?  But I have to wonder if Jesse “Mr. Extortion” Jackson’s “Hymie town” remark would get him barred.  Or how about Al “I’m blacker than Obama” Sharpton’s prominent role in the sordid Tawana Brawley affair.

Somehow, I think those two upstanding citizens would get a pass.  And that’s sad.

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