2 + 2 = 4

Yesterday, obviously giddy over the Head Socialist’s victory over American liberty, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Kathryn Sibelius said that this legislation will cause the pharmaceutical industry to see its profits reduced by some $90 billion. A few questions come immediately to mind.  The first is obvious:  What the … Continue reading

fresh from the Reichstag

It certainly appears as if SEIU -the Service Employees International Union – have been granted a new higher profile roll in the political machine – that of enforcer. In true newspeak fashion the real ‘angry mob’ is not the grassroots American Citizenry truly about to be disenfranchised by their own … Continue reading

Fabric of Our Lives

As the Fabric of our nation frays from the constant “tug of war”   between personal freedom and welfare state slavery, there is much nefarious afoot.   So, just when you think things can’t get any worse, there is this prognostication that the United States will fall apart in 2010. And, … Continue reading

Obamanxiety – deux

“The power of the county” – the Posse Comitatus ACT was passed 1878 to keep the United States Military specifically from traditional civilian law enforcement duties and return it to its role of defending the borders of the country.   During Reconstruction and prior to its passage, the army was … Continue reading