Fabric of Our Lives

As the Fabric of our nation
frays from the constant “tug of war”  
between personal freedom and welfare
state slavery
, there is much nefarious afoot.


So, just when you think things can’t
get any worse, there is this prognostication that the United States
will fall apart in 2010. And, that the ensuing economic and moral collapse will
trigger civil war and accomplish what the “war between the states” could not: the eventual breakup of the US. Source (Wall Street Journal):


(yes the map is to get you to read the story link above.)




The real story isn’t the ongoing
predictions of the demise of America,
instead the story is that many forces both internal and external seemed to be
aligned to make this a reality.


While “Dear Leader” signals
weakness to the Islamic-Fascists and to our national economic competitors many
of our long standing adversaries seemed poised to affect advantage over both
our failing economic situation and quite obvious moral decline.  


Though most immediate
challenge to the United States and our principals of Liberty, Freedom, Personal Responsibility
and Pursuit of Happiness seems to come not from our enemies; but, from our very own elected officials who
are at this very moment scheming to steal from every taxpaying American – all the
while telling us we are NOT paying enough or is that (
patriotic enough)

Perhaps that is why they (Alibama and the Forty Thieves) are
so anxious to:

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