Shark Diving

shark.jpgLike a shark dive without the cage, our Trotskyite inspired congress is swimming through the ocean of ‘red (and black) inked’ businesses – jaws agape – filter feeding high and low along the corporate food chain. Swallowing whole, businesses to “big to fail” and extorting equity partner positions among the ‘small fry’ easy enough to bully and mollify.  Like Tony Soprano with more leverage – bada bing!


Just a few years ago – heck – even a few months ago, such a tectonic shift from a free-market to socialism seemed nigh on impossible in our beloved Republic.


Now the Bolsheviks cry:  bailout –  bailout – bailout – the revolution begins and is over without a whimper, without a shot being fired – only a sigh for what once was. If most Americans held a better appreciation for the “noble call” of commerce, this state of affairs could not be allowed to stand.


Instead, we have a population that doesn’t understand or “misunderstands” the purpose of business and its role in society.


Regrettably, most workers just assume that the purpose of business – any business – is to give them a job. And if that job goes away – no big deal – they’ll just get another job. And if that job goes away, well then there’s always the “gov’ment” to turn to.


Just as many don’t understand business; it evident that they understand the role of our government even less. Consequently, we just had 52 million Americans vote for a presidential candidate promising goodies from the public treasury.


What every American needs to know:


The government does NOT HAVE except that which it takes from others. In order for the government to give you a dollar – it MUST first take it away from someone else. . . Not fair, Not moral; but that’s the way it is.

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  1. A Labor Union is . . .

    Quiz Time   A labor union is:   Answer A: Workers bind together to form Unions so that they together can fight for better work conditions. Without the power of the Union workers would completely be at the mercy…

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