Obamanxiety – deux

“The power of the county” – the Posse Comitatus ACT was passed 1878 to keep the United States Military specifically from traditional civilian law enforcement duties and return it to its role of defending the borders of the country.


During Reconstruction and prior to its passage, the army was used to enforce presidential authority over a civilian population – including stationing of federal troops at political events and polling places.  Can you say voter intimidation?


“Change you can believe in” may soon be coming to a polling place near you – as president elect Barrack Hussein Obama is clearly advocating the creation of a Civilian National Security Force. (see vid below)




Now, if the real purpose of the CNSF were to ‘fight crime’, why not increase funding to existing law enforcement in every city, in every county and every state? And before we add any NEW LAWS, why not attempt to enforce the ones already have?/!


Though I suspect that the real purpose of the CNSF is to impose conformity, tamp down dissent and enforce presidential authority over a civilian population. 


News from the front: the payer vote is still speaking – and two days post election the Dow was down again – almost 450 points! Holy cow! Suppose the capitalists on Wall Street are a bit anxious about what the socialists in Washington may be planning?




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  1. And regardless of the slight bounce on Friday, the market probably hasn’t found a bottom. People trying to get something (anything!) out of their 401(k) accounts are likely to be selling into any rally.
    The CNSF needs to be called by its true name(s) – Obamajugend, Arbeitsdienst and Volkssturm. Just remember “Arbeit macht frei”…

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