fresh from the Reichstag

It certainly appears as if SEIU -the Service Employees International Union – have been granted a new higher profile roll in the political machine – that of enforcer.

In true newspeak fashion the real ‘angry mob’ is not the grassroots American Citizenry truly about to be disenfranchised by their own guv’ment take over of healthcare. The angry mob is NOT the mothers, fathers, college students, grandmothers and neighbors who you see voicing their concerns all over the country. Instead the ‘angry mob’ are those commanded – by the “Joker-in-chief” and his willing collaborators who will stop at nothing – to make compulsory a new collective, socialized America of ‘Hope and Change’.

Sadly, ‘beat down video’ from YouTube has been removed due to “copyright violations

For eight years of the previous administration we heard that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now,we learn that dissent against the current administration is “verboten”. In true Brown Shirt fashion, enforcers will be sent from the Reichstag to “push back harder” against all who demonstrate their concerns against the proposed socialized initiatives.

So, we open a new chapter in American History where the guv’ment is actively seeking to deny the will of the American people – through fear, intimidation or force. Never before has our own guv’ment engaged in overt activity to exert its own aims over “the aims of the governed” in such violent fashion. Let me rephrase that: the guv’ment is attempting to enact its own objective contrary to the consent of the government. In the United States it is constitutionally prohibited for our elected political leaders to exercise the authority outside the ‘consent of the governed’. This usurpation of our rights continues for as long as the American People allow it. It is our duty – us normal American Citizens to remind those elected officials of their oath to the constitution and that they have a constitutional mandate to represent us. In other words: they work for us, we don’t work for them. Don’t Tread on Me!

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