“I’ve got your back!”

A new ad aimed at African-American audiences debuted early last week in which a voice-over tells African-Americans that President Obama “has their back” and now blacks need to “have his.”  I guess by virtue of his blackness, he deserves the black vote–unconditionally.  Never mind that while the national unemployment rate… Continue reading

Hope yet for our Republic

While last night’s victory or – ‘re-victory’ of Conservatism over Collectivism (aka the individual over the union or Scott Walker over the crushing outside financed political machine) is being widely celebrated it does give pause to how we got here in the first place. For decades we have had a… Continue reading

American Genocide

I think I may have stumbled across (my brain is actually quite good at stumbling) a way to make inroads into the black vote so heavily hooked into voting for Democrats. Blacks are overwhelmingly socially conservative.  Something like 70+% are against abortion, gay marriage, etc.  Why do conservatives not point… Continue reading

I’m Just Askin’

Barack Hussein Obama’s father was a Muslim.  His step-father was Muslim and President Dude attended Muslim schools in Indonesia where he lived with mommie dearest and her second beau.  However the prevaricator-in-chief claims to never have been a Muslim.  Strange that he would then claim that the sound of the… Continue reading

Dear Mitt:

I want to vote for you.  I really do.  I believe that your executive experience, both in the public and private sectors, makes you uniquely qualified to lead our nation out of this economic morass that we let ourselves be led into by progressives in both parties.    But I’m… Continue reading