Hope yet for our Republic

While last night’s victory or – ‘re-victory’ of Conservatism over Collectivism (aka the individual over the union or Scott Walker over the crushing outside financed political machine) is being widely celebrated it does give pause to how we got here in the first place.

For decades we have had a cabal of special interests all working against the very things that made this grand Republic great: (personal) Freedom, (individual) Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. These ideals are oft represented by our peoples indomitable spirit, individual responsibility and free market. Much of our formerly accepted attributes have been replaced with failed foreign (Marxist) concepts of ‘social equality’, ‘common good’ and ‘social justice’. Many of these collectivized concepts are introduced to our children by the very people we trust to prepare them for a better future. Instead they are taught concepts of entitlement over earning and it is perfectly acceptable ‘to take rather than make’!

Yesterday’s, election results in Wisconsin is a glimmer of hope that our beloved Republic is still has a little more life left in it! Life beyond the traditional couple hundred years allotted to those few societies where, for the briefest of time, people were allowed to self-govern and live in relative freedom. Contrary to  the way most people of the world have lived for most of the world’s record history.

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  1. We still have far to go to return to our constitutional roots. Hopefully, Romney will prevail in November. But that will not be the end of tyranny unless we remain vigilant and proactive. Otherwise, it will just be life under a different master. Tyranny of the right is no less dangerous than tyranny of the left. Just a different face.

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