The Anti-Christ of Just Anti Christ?

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still claims to be a Christian, even though his track record is the most anti Bible record of any president or .  Time and time again, he has attacked the Bible and Bible believing
and repeatedly removes any vestiges of the Bible from the government,
military and society in general.  If he doesn’t do it directly, he does
it through administrative policies.

If you don’t believe me, then look at the following list of times
that the pseudo president and/or his administration has said or taken
action against the Bible, biblical principles and those that believe in
the Bible:

April 2008 – Obama is demeaning of Christians when he said they
“cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t
like them.”

January 2009 – Obama decides to use US taxpayer funds to start paying for abortions and abortion counseling in other countries.

January 2009 – James B Steinberg, Obama’s nominee for Deputy
Secretary of State declares that limiting abortion funding is
unconstitutional thus requiring taxpayers to pay for abortions.

February 2009 – Obama takes aim at health workers who use conscience
protection to refuse to take part in any medical actions that are
against their faith by announcing that the protection will be revoked. 
(It was revoked in Feb 2011)

March 2009 – The White House sponsors a health care summit and prohibits pro-life groups from attending.

March 2009 – Obama reverses former Bush’s ban on embryonic stem cell research and provides taxpayer funding for more research.

March 2009 – Obama provides $50 M for the United Nations population
control agency (UNFPA) which is involved with the compulsory abortions
and sterilizations in China.

April 2009 – Obama makes speech at Georgetown University and insists that a Jesus symbol be covered up while he is speaking.

April 2009 – Obama intentionally nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican who immediately rejected the nominees.

May 2009 – Obama breaks White House tradition by refusing to host the
National Prayer Day services.  However, the White House does host the
Islamic fast-breaking dinner of Ramadan known as Iftar.

May 2009 – Obama’s budget cuts all funding for 176 abstinence only
educational programs in favor of more liberal sex education programs
that statistically result in more teen pregnancies and abortions.

May 2009 – Obama administration defines pro-life advocates as
violent, racist and involved in criminal activities in their new
terrorism dictionary.

July 2009 – Obama violated the federal Defense of Marriage Act by
extending benefits to same-sex partners of employees of the Executive
Branch along with those in the Foreign Service division.

September 16, 2009 – Chai Feldblum is appointed commissioner of the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Feldblum says that no personal
beliefs that are negative to homosexuality should be tolerated in
America and that gay sex is morally good.

2010 – The White House purposely refrains from making any official
proclamations or statements involving biblical holidays while at the
same time acknowledges and celebrates Muslims holidays such as Ramadan
(Islamic month of fasting), Eid-ul-Fitr (marks the end of Ramadan) and
Eid-ul-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice).

April 2010 – The Obama led Pentagon cancelled the invitation to Rev.
Franklin Graham (son of Rev Billy Graham) to participate in their
National Day of Prayer due to complaints from Muslims.

April 2010 – The Obama administration appeases Muslims by removing
offensive terms such as jihad, jihadist, terrorists, radical Islamic,
from government documents and vocabulary.

July 2010 – Obama violates federal law by using federal funding to
force his homeland of Kenya to make abortion part of its constitution.

August 2010 – Obama makes a speech where he praised Islam and demeans Christianity.

August 2010 – Obama speaks in favor of the proposal to build a mosque
at Ground Zero but says nothing about the Christian church that was
denied plans to rebuild at the same site.

September 2010 – Ignoring the order of a federal judge to stop
federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, the Obama
administration instructs researchers to carry on with their work.

October 19, 2010 – Obama intentionally avoids the phrase ‘the
Creator’ when he quotes the Declaration of Independence.  To date, this
has occurred a total of seven times.

November 2010 – Obama purposely quotes National Motto as ‘E pluribus
unum’ (out of many, one), instead of ‘In God We Trust’ which was
established by Congress in 1956.

 January 2011 – Obama administration violates federal law and US
Supreme Court rulings and refuses to allow a World War I memorial in the
form of a cross located in the Mohave Desert to be transferred to
private ownership or to allow the cross to be re-erected after they had
it removed.

February 2011 – Obama relents to pressure from Congress and public,
finally fills post of Religious Freedom Ambassador in the State
Department after the post was intentionally left vacant for two years.

February 2011 – Obama defies federal law by instructing the Department of Justice to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

March 2011 – Obama administration is presented with videos of illegal
practices of Planned Parenthood that help sex traffickers obtain
abortions for victimized underage girls and they refuse to take any
action on the matter.

April 2011 – Obama pushes a law to force all religious groups to use
federal rules for hiring regardless if such practice causes them to hire
against their religious beliefs.

June 2011 – References to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at
Houston National Cemetery are forbidden by the Department of Veteran

July 2011 – Obama forces military to allow gays to openly serve,
ending a policy initially established by then General George Washington
in 1778.

August 2011 – Air Force officers being trained in California are no
longer taught the ‘Just War’ theory which has been taught by most
civilized nations.  The theory is based upon the teachings and
philosophy by St Augustine, a noted Christian leader back in the third

August 2011 – Obama administration removes religious conscience
protection for all medical personnel concerning abortion and

September 2011 – Obama appointed Air Force Chief of Staff orders all
commanders to no longer notify members of the Air Force of any services
or programs conducted by chaplains.

September 2011 – Army instructs Walter Reed Medical Center to halt
anyone from giving away Bibles, religious reading materials or any other
religious items during visitation.

September 2011 – Pentagon follows White House directive and orders
all military chaplains to violate the Defense of Marriage Act and
perform same-sex marriages if asked, regardless of their religious

October 2011 – Obama follows advice from advisors and denies Christians from the Middle East from gaining access to the White House.

October 2011 – Obama administration punishes US Conference of
Catholic Bishops by blocking federal grants used to aid victims of human
trafficking, due to the anti-abortion position of the Catholic Church.

November 2011 – US Air Force Academy stops supporting Operation
Christmas Child because it is run by a Christian charity.  The Operation
supplies gifts to underprivileged children throughout the world.

November 2011 – US Air Force Academy used $80,000 of taxpayer funds
to erect a Stonehenge-like worship center for pagans, druids, witches
and Wiccans.

November 2011 – Obama breaks presidential tradition by purposely not
making any references to the religious aspects of the holiday.  Instead,
his speech was all about him.

December 2011 – Obama and his administration condemn other nations’
religious beliefs and claims they are impediments to the acceptance of
homosexual rights.

January 2012 – Obama administration declares that churches and
synagogues are not protected in their hiring of ministers and rabbis by
the First Amendment.

February 2012 – Obama administration announces program to forgive
student loans in exchange for public service provided that service has
no religious connection.

February 2012 – Obama apologizes to Muslims worldwide for the
accidental burning of Korans (which were defaced by radical Muslims in
detention) by US soldiers but said nothing about the Bibles that were
burned at the same time.

February 2012 – U. S. Military Academy at West Point revokes
invitation of Retired Lieutenant General William Boykin, a decorated war
hero, to speak at an Academy event because of his outspoken Christian

February 2012 – Air Force removes ‘Dei’ (Latin for God) from Rapid
Capabilities Office patch.  The old patch logo read ‘Opus Dei Cum
Pecunia Alienum Efficemus’ (Doing God’s Work with Other People’s
Money).  The new logo reads ‘Miraculi Cum Pecunia Alienum Efficemus’
(Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money).

February 2012 – Obama administration has Army forbid Catholic
chaplains from reading letter from Archbishop Timothy Broglio from the
pulpits.  The letter was an instruction to Catholic chaplains to resist
the Obamacare edict requiring religious institutions to provide
contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacients.

I realize the list is long, and it is undoubtedly not a complete
list.  Worse yet is that the list of his pro-Muslim statements and
activities are equally as long.  He may claim to be a Christian, but his
actions seem to be 100% pro-Muslim and 100% anti-Bible.

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  1. anti Christian is indeed anti Christ.
    Whether or not it is the end times antichrist; make no mistake: a ‘Beast’ is among us devouring civilization like a rapacious lion.

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