“I’ve got your back!”

A new ad aimed at African-American audiences debuted early last week in
which a voice-over tells African-Americans that President Obama “has
their back” and now blacks need to “have his.”  I guess by virtue of his
blackness, he deserves the black vote–unconditionally.  Never mind
that while the national unemployment rate is 8.2%; the figure for blacks
is more than 16%.  Never mind that there are more African-Americans on
food stamps now than when George Bush was president.  Never mind that
more African-Americans are living in poverty than ever before.  Never
mind that 300,000 African-American babies are murdered every year
through the abortion process that ONLY Democrats support.  In the
election of 2008, the black vote went to President Obama and Democrats
by more than 90%.  I guess blacks have had your back Mr. President.

Fast forward to last Friday and the president just made it easier for
illegal immigrants to stay AND work here.  By granting de facto amnesty
to illegal immigrants who came here at a young age, President Obama just
threw 800,000 new workers into the employment line.  With unemployment
for black males between 18 and 25 years old, at a staggering 53%, who’s
got who’s back Mr. President?

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  1. I see, “moving forward, to the future we have imagined”; as the ‘Dear Reader’ has said, include abandoning the people and the principles of our great republic.
    Instead we will put in their place a new world order (same as the ancient world order) where natural law is replaced by man made law, were servitude replaces liberty and happiness becomes a dictate of the state rather than your own aspiration.

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