Congress working you over.

Headlines now scream: Communist: Obama working to nationalize U.S. economy Claims ‘people advocate president’ pushing through radical agenda   President Obama is “considering” a radical agenda to nationalize the U.S. financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, and private industries such as energy and other sectors whose future is “problematic” in… Continue reading

twitter 101

I have been frequently asked “What is Twitter ?” Some have likened Twitter to  micro-blogging meets instant messaging and others have said Twitter is like ‘FaceBook on Crack’ 😉 To me Twiiter is a powerfully communication medium that really reinforces Shakespeare’s old admonition; “brevity is the soul of wit”. this… Continue reading

Tug of War

The “Welfare State” and “Personal Liberty” are opposite ends of the same lever. Ipso facto, Socialism is at the opposite end of the seesaw from “Private Property”. Currently politicians, main stream media (MSM) and citizens of our beloved republic have all been deluding themselves with the notion that an ever… Continue reading