Tug of War


The “Welfare State” and “Personal Liberty” are opposite ends of the same lever. Ipso facto, Socialism is at the opposite end of the seesaw from “Private Property”.

Currently politicians, main stream media (MSM) and citizens of our beloved republic have all been deluding themselves with the notion that an ever growing federal government can be all things for all people. The fallacious argument is that:  those in Washington can balance between ‘personal liberties and freedoms’ as enumerating in the Constitution and ‘the idea that everyone can live at the expense of everyone else.’

But these concepts are the antithesis of each other and can not exist together. So instead what we have is
the gradual ripping of the fabric of our society where those that produce are being pulled by those that demand. Both can not be winners. And if the “demand-ers” are successful, then those that are producers will become slaves of the state so that those in Washington can continue to pander to the “demand-ers”. A ploy which is certain to keep them in office and in power!

To illustrate: Much has been made that Exxon mobile had  record profits of $45.22 Billion (yes
billion with a “B”) stroking outrage among the socialist and welfare state crowd in Washington. Yet no one, certainly true for the MSM, has mentioned the Federal Guv’ments windfall tax of $36.5 Billion on this same revenue. Yes, Exxon earned $81.75 Billion dollars to which not quite half (44,5% to be exact) was immediately confiscated by the federal government. Source 

A toll demanded without, risk, without effort, without so much as a ‘value add’. Washington gets it’s unfair share for doing nothing. Is it any wonder they believe they can existing at the expense of someone else. Well, make no mistake that someone else: is YOU!

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