twitter 101

I have been frequently asked “What is Twitter ?” Some have likened Twitter to  micro-blogging meets instant messaging and others have said Twitter is like ‘FaceBook on Crack’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

To me Twiiter is a powerfully communication medium that really reinforces Shakespeare’s old admonition; “brevity is the soul of wit”. this is especially true, since all Twitter posts are done in 140 characters OR LESS. Yes, that includes spaces. Your entire ‘train of though’ must be communicated clearly and succinctly.

Unlike instant messaging where the communication is ‘one to one’ (you to a friend),  tweeting  is multi-casting  or  ‘one to many’ where you to communicate to your friends – called followers- and to the pubic twitter time line by answer the fundamental question: what are you doing.

Below is a good starting point for twitter!

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