You Lost!


History and civics is an important part of the circular in every young
American’s education. It is important to learn why America is just so different from
so many other countries and why the American experiment in representative
government is radically unique amongst all of the histories of all of the
countries of the world..


we now elected a president who spent much of his formative years outside the
mainstream of American thought and experience.  I am almost positive that they didn’t teach
American History and American Civics in the madrassa -or ‘Muslim school’ if you
prefer – that ‘Dear Leader’ attended as a youth.  Needless to say, he did NOT grow up with many
of the shared experiences as we did, and perhaps that is why he is so eager to
change them.


now we have that same president espousing the completely UNAMERICAN notion that
only the “federal government can
“jolt our economy back to life.


Has everybody forgotten, that the federal government doesn’t have any money, UNLESS, it takes it away from someone else


get this on the table now, ‘Dear Leader’ expects us to believe he can grow the
economy, which is the best way to save it, by taking money away from those who have actually earned it and giving it to those who have a demonstrated an inability to earn it???


What could he be
How does that make sense? You make something greater by subtracting from it?
That’s like cutting off the end of a blanket, sewing on the other side and now
saying you now have more blanket. That kind of unreasoning might work in milieu
of Chi-town thug politics; but, should not be allowed to be perpetuated on the US
taxpayer like some sort of a Jedi Mind trick.


so far: ‘Dear Leader’ doesn’t share many of our formative educational
experiences. He appears very eager to change the American experience of
“can-do, self reliance and personal responsibility” into something that is
less, much less. In fact he and a majority of our elected officials seem quite
willing to change the American experience into something that is quite
UNAMERICAN. And for that we will all be lessened by it.

Wake UP!

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