Enough Is Enough

“N.Y. Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the floor on Tuesday to sneer at public outrage over the trillion-dollar porkulus. “The American people really don’t care,” he said, about those “little tiny, yes, porky amendments.” He punctuated his derision by pinching his pointer finger and thumb together. Only the “chattering … Continue reading

Congress working you over.

Headlines now scream: Communist: Obama working to nationalize U.S. economy Claims ‘people advocate president’ pushing through radical agenda   President Obama is “considering” a radical agenda to nationalize the U.S. financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, and private industries such as energy and other sectors whose future is “problematic” in … Continue reading

Let them eat cake!

Okay, so the Apostles of Ignorance have outdone themselves today!   With a  sputtering economy and companies shedding jobs like a sycamore in a snow storm, Congress has decided to say “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” – “Let them eat cake“!    In a move that would make Marie Antoinette … Continue reading