Let them eat cake!


Okay, so the Apostles of Ignorance have outdone themselves today!


With a  sputtering economy and companies shedding jobs like a sycamore in a snow storm, Congress has decided to say “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” – “Let them eat cake“!


In a move that would make Marie Antoinette seem like the great philanthropist, Lawmakers have determined they deserve a pay raise.  Quickly, overlooking the fact that they had the chance to do the “right thing” and freeze their pay, instead, Lawmakers “pimped their pocketbooks” and voted themselves a raise.


While I supposed we should take heart that congresses has confidence that there will indeed some taxpayers left and we all won’t be in breadlines, this certainly is a biter pill to swallow when 2 million Americans have lost their jobs – so far this year.


The hypocrisy of these “congressional confiscators” is unbelievable, their “over-the-top” histrionics while forcing auto exec to accept a one dollar a year salary – yes, I mean a buck a year – is beyond any sane understanding. And it’s obvious that their hubris knows no bounds. It’s okay for us to “tighten our belts” yet their ever expanding appetite for our money shows no sign of satiation.


Instead of representatives, we now seem to have  “Washingtonian monsters” whose hunger for money and the power it buys is unquenchable.


Regrettably we just missed the most recent opportunity to make things right with the voter’s equivalent of ‘pitchforks and torches‘ known as the ballot box.  Will it be too late to set things right in 2010? And, with such Congressional Jackassery on proud display, when might the need arise to switch the ballot box for the real pitchforks and torches to chase these monsters out of office?

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