No Senator Bush!

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Well –
sadly; but not surprisingly Jeb Bush, former popular governor of Florida
has declined to run for the 2010 Senate seat of our fair state. 


I mean –
would you? 


leaving the governor’s mansion, joining what has become roiling cesspool of
congressional politics – to whit:  the
Illinois senatorial seat up for sale like so much chattel , blatant political
theft of the Minnesota senate seat by people who put party interest above all
else,  and the machinations to ensure
that VP elect, Senator Joe Biden’s seat passes like some “privilege of title”  to the Dauphin, err I mean  his son and the matriarchal malarkey that
would pass New York’s seat to MS Kenndey 
– would certainly be more than most of us could bear.


Can you
imagine being subservient to the Senior Florida Senator Bill Nelson or
kowtowing to Harry Reid? That would be akin to Jack Welch leaving as CEO of GE
only to return as a shipping clerk to be bossed around by the arbitrary and
capricious whims of a low level floor manager.


Of course,
what passes for reporting in our local newspaper whose “forthright journaling”
has long earned it the title “Orlando
“, could not resist yet another demonstration of why their
subscribers have chosen to abandon them: by aiming parting salvos at just how
unpopular President Bush is. And, by direct inference, just how bad a president
he is because of his unpopularity.


But like
the “cable barker”, hawking gewgaws and trinkets says; “but, wait there’s


The fact of the matter is that According to USA Today
/Gallop President Bush (43) is leaving office with a 29% approval rating source, by contrast Gallop shows
congressional approval at an even lower 20% rating. Wow, Bush’s approval rating
is nearly 45% better than Congress’ approval rating is! Yet, the Mainstream
Media (MSM) continues to tell us how unpopular the President is without any
reference to congress’ even more dismal fairing!


And that is
the real story; President Bush is nearly
twice as popular as congress
; but, you would never know it if your
information came only from the MSM.

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