Transforming Tango

cozy-enemiesRebuffing our traditional allies, cozying up to the enemies of both our long held economic interest  and faith based  heritage, Mr Obama, walking like a duck and talking like a duck certainly sounds like a man who finds much NOT to love about These United States of America.

Rudy Giuliani is not the first to question Mr. Obama’s motives. As I mentioned in 2008 and February 2009 and March 5, 2009 and  March 6, 2009 OR in Burning Down the House, we have a commander-in-chief willing to abandon the responsibilities of his office and the oath of his office to serve his own (or his fellow traveler’s) purposes.

Whether Mr. Giuliani walks back his statement or not, Mark Levin (as mentioned in Breitbart) was spot on when he said;

You Don’t Love Something You Want to ‘Fundamentally Transform


In the President’s own words

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