Social Justice?


Social Justice and the New
American Dream…


As I riffed yesterday, from
every direction, new code words are entering our main stream lexicon of speech
and thought.


Some of these new words like
Social Justice are re-forged in
the smithy of old Marxist ideas. They then appear in use by leftist fringe
groups at the farther regions of society, and then gather standing in more
accepted company. Once these code words get bubbled up into the zeitgeist of
the neo-intelligentsia they are foisted onto an unsuspecting public by  journalist and news readers so eager for
acceptance by the ‘cool kids’ that they regurgitate them without full understanding

of their meaning or the implications of their consequences.


the great Ronaldus Maximus said :

A Communist is someone who reads Marx and

An Anticommunist is some who understands Marx
and Engels.


Occasionally these code
words bubble up in to social policy or even codified into law, either by a Conspiracy of Stupidity or by
deliberate and shameless action by those who are hostile to our current –
albeit tenuous – beloved republic.


In typical Orwellian
newspeak fashion, the main purpose of these code words is to hide their true
meaning behind something palatable to those listening in a 15 second sound bite.
But Make no Mistake:

Social Justice in the current common vernacular means empowering the government to seize the
assets of affluent Americans and distribute them to the less well off


The next assault on America will
come from within, by our own legislators seeking to radically transform
America and our unique American Dream from the 
freedom that allows all citizens
and residents to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice
to government dependence, bureaucratic mandates and the pursuit of state
. All this, in the name of fairness and social justice while attempting to guarantee the fairness
of outcome rather than the equality opportunity!


The Communists are coming
and their rapacious appetite for your hard earned fruits can not be not be
slaked.  Be Ready.

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