Congressional fools have perpetrated an economic deception on the American Taxpayer. Letting no crisis go un-wasted, rather than ‘hope and change’ they’ve leveraged ‘fear and despair’ to foist  a radical ‘transformation’ of America from the land of freedom to the land of ‘welfare state slavery’.

This giant usurpation of individual rights, personal property and economic freedoms from individuals to the ‘state’ is staggering both in its rapidity and scope. But, is this potential catastrophe as bad as it is being ‘panic mongered‘? Or, are we being played like a funky piano in a brothel? Source

Currently we have a 7.6% unemployment rate in the in the country. During the height of the ‘Great Depression’ we had more than triple that number of unemployed (25.2%).

But, it is simply irresponsible to compare current 7.6% unemployment rate to the 25.2% experienced during the Great Depression – unless you have something to gain by making such comparisons!

As historians are now telling us during the 1930’s while the rest of the world had a depression, these United States had a Great Depression. But, our Great Depression was made great my our  own actions meant to make things better.

As the depression ground on, the American public seeking “change and hope” elected an untested activist who assembled the “best minds” in the country, known then as the ‘Brain Trust‘. And after just 100 days, President Roosevelt and the ‘Brian Trust’ brought forth new legislation called the ‘New Deal‘.  The New Deal signaled a radical transformation of the relationship between the people and the Federal Government.

Not unlike our current ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment‘ act of 2009, the New Deal was supposed to make things better, instead it made bad things worse, much worse. The consequence of the new ‘central economic planning’ made the depression the GREAT DEPRESSION and beget a host of government programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Progress Administration, National Recovery Administration,  the Social Security System and of course Fannie Mae.

Yes, the same Fannie Mae that is part and parcel of our current economic woes. More importantly, the New Deal began an alteration of the American concept of government which is still with us today.

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  1. Despair!

    The changing American psyche from the concepts of independence and self reliance to the ideas of dependence and government subsidy is due in large part to the New Deal and the manifesto it inspired:

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