Burning Down the House


So, after electing the most un-American President ever, are we really surprised that he is now dismantling the America right before our eyes?

Whether by design or by accident, it sure seems as if most actions that “Dear Reader” (B. Hussein Obama) undertakes are in direct conflict with our national character of personal responsibility, free markets and individual liberty.

As a gentle reminder, from age six through age ten, “Dear Reader” grew up in a setting that is outside the shared experiences of most Americans. As a matter of fact, while most young Americans were learning about “Truth Justice and the America Way”, ‘Dear Reader’ was learning about something completely different in a Jakarta Muslim school!

Growing up without any “particular religious tradition” or the reverse, being inculcated in the church of Jeremiah Wright, Dear Reader has a set of experiences NOT SHARED by the majority of Americans. Perhaps this is why he can so easily reject ideas of our founders and easily ignore the role that Faith played in our founding and should play in our moral governance today.

For that matter, attending Columbia University for undergraduate work and Harvard Law School for post grad work also reinforce a set of nontraditional American experiences.  And does underpin many of the “liberal notions” of the “blame America first” crowd; again, these are a set of experiences NOT SHARED with a majority of Americans. Again, perhaps this is why he can so easily reject the “Blessings of Liberty” so dearly earned by our founders (and subsequent generations).

As each plank of our shared American foundation is undermined, we drift further away from the principles of our founders and closer to the ‘Hope and Change’ envisioned by William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, George Soros and Karl Marx.

Elections do have consequences and we could have hardly done worse had we elected Stalin himself.

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