Enticements of Entitlement


Like the serpent tempting us
with the promise of “the knowledge of good and evil”, our Washington leaders hold out universal health
care as the ‘apple’ for our current economic woes. But, as the apple brought
ruin to paradise so too shall this. . .


This wicked seduction is
wrapped in a premise so delicious that – once whispered it is nearly impossible
to resist. It’s the hot breath of avarice sighing to your heart that you can live at
the expense of someone else


Universal Health Care as all the other ‘enticements of entitlement’
proffered by the state are just mere snares for the unwitting – to bind them to
a darker purpose: the purpose of enslavement.


As our founders believed, I
believe that our rights are granted to us NEITHER by government charter NOR by,
the devious schemes of man.  Instead our
rights are unalienable and granted to us by our


But, there are many who are
purposefully perverting our natural God given rights into the false promise of
something less. Rather than liberty they offer dependence, rather personal
responsibility they offer blame, rather than the pursuit of happiness they
offer empty diversion. Under the guise of fairness they offer injustice. For
misery spread to all, is fair misery indeed.


America was not founded on the principals of covetousness,
envy, hate or sloth; But, now there are many who would wantonly transform us to
a society based on those deadly sins for their own purposes of:  acquiring, aggregating, keeping and expanding

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