Silk Purse / Sows Ear, what say U?

Well it seems as if congress is at it once more – proving you can’t fetch water with a sieve. Instead, congress gives us airline security legislation that provides no security. Moreover, the new airline security measures had they been in place on Sept 10th, 2001 would have done nothing to prevent the terrorist actions the following day!

Senator Daschle’s assertion that you can’t “professionalize unless you federalize” is completely feckless. In place of airline security, we now have tens of thousands of newly unionized, federalized, beholden to the liberalized party line, bureaucratic workers that are worth no more per hour today than they were prior to the passage of the legislation.

Furthermore, artificially manipulating increased compensation for basic tasks reduces the circumstances for those left to pay for them – actually cheating the payer for the benefit of the newly protect federal payee. To further punctuate this public swindle, one politician was quoted as saying; “these type duties are best performed by dogs!”

Federally protect employee or well trained animal, what say you? As both my grandmothers were often heard to remark; “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear!” Or as a friend once plainly said (while viewing a cheap guitar); “you can’t shine a turd.”

Since the government owns nothing unless it confiscates it from its citizens via taxes, how can politicians delude themselves into thinking that they can create by fiat what they do not possess – wealth, prosperity? The only answer can be that those that pass these laws know exactly what they are doing and are complicit in legalized plunder which undermines the incentive of the population. This is done to further their own political party’s agenda at the expense of the nation. Does this sound treasonous to anyone else? . For who will left to stoke the fires of “the gravy train” if everyone is already on-board expecting a free ride?

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